115th infantry regiment roster

Guard and patrol duty in East Tennessee till February, 1864. 125th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. : THREE MONTHS' SERVICE. : THREE YEARS' SERVICE. : 139th REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. : ONE HUNDRED DAYS' SERVICE. This page was last edited on 30 April 2023, at 03:29. First Regiment Ohio Volunteer Heavy Artillery. Co. D, 115th Illinois . 9th INDEPENDENT BATTERY OHIO VOLUNTEER LIGHT ARTILLERY. Corps d' Afrique Infantry Regiment (1863). On 10 June 1944, Private First Class Moore saw a German tank escorting several American prisoners to the enemy lines. : 18th INDEPENDENT BATTERY OHIO VOLUNTEER LIGHT ARTILLERY. : THREE YEARS' SERVICE. : THREE YEARS' SERVICE. 122nd REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. B Co 1/115th was the main effort for Task Force 2/70th Armor which is an active duty unit from Ft. Riley, Kansas. 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, XII Corps, Army of the Cumberland, to April 1864. This is meant to be a comprehensive list. Forty-third Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. : THREE MONTHS' SERVICE. Fifty-eighth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. LeighColl Bk 10: 72 : FIELD AND STAFF. Mustered in: August 26, 1862 Total 193, Total number of enemy dead buried to July 1st : 43rd REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. Army. 2nd INDEPENDENT BATTERY OHIO VOLUNTEER LIGHT ARTILLERY. : 21st INDEPENDENT BATTERY OHIO VOLUNTEER LIGHT ARTILLERY. These rosters were compiled by the New York State Adjutant General Office. : FIELD AND STAFF OFFICERS. 189th REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. : ONE HUNDRED DAYS' SERVICE. : FIELD AND STAFF. 110th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. : THREE YEARS' SERVICE. : THREE YEARS' SERVICE. 15th INDEPENDENT BATTERY OHIO VOLUNTEER LIGHT ARTILLERY. Fred Stanley Goodrich papers, 1863-1918. : 14th REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. : THREE YEARS' SERVICE. : 19th REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. 116th Infantry Regiment. : THREE YEARS' SERVICE. 2015. The following is taken fromNew York in the War of the Rebellion, 3rd ed. : THREE YEARS' SERVICE. : THREE YEARS' SERVICE. : THREE YEARS' SERVICE. Brest also served as a major German U-boat base from 18 June 1940 until its surrender to U.S. forces during the Brittany Campaign. : 24th INDEPENDENT BATTERY OHIO VOLUNTEER LIGHT ARTILLERY. : 40th REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. 6th REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. : THREE MONTHS' SERVICE. Donated by Julia A. Foote. : THREE MONTHS' SERVICE. 2. : FIELD AND STAFF. : 110th-140th REGIMENTSINFANTRY. : THREE YEARS' SERVICE. 117 pages. : FIELD AND STAFF. 117th Infantry Regiment. On one occasion eight Germans surrounded the house in which First Lieutenant Watson was attending a wounded French child. Thirty-seventh re-union, fifty-sixth anniversary, 115th Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry : August twenty-seventh, nineteen eighteen, Amsterdam, New York. : FIELD AND STAFF. 37th REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. During the day, 12 June 44, the patrols could not cross the river because of heavy fire from the banks. Available at:/battleofolustee.org/115th_ny_inf.html. Transcription only. : 111th REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. After the Armistice was signed, the Twenty-Ninth Division was brought home in July 1919 and dissipated. 22d REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. : FIELD AND STAFF OFFICERS. It covers the major records that should be used. Number of awards by type of for action during June: Silver Star Medals 3 The 115th, "Iron Hearts," was recruited during July and Aug., 1862, in the counties of Fulton, Hamilton, Montgomery and Saratoga. First Regiment Ohio Volunteer Light Artillery. 185th REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. 2nd REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER HEAVY ARTILLERY. : FIELD AND STAFF. : FIELD AND STAFF OFFICERS. Forty-first Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Ninth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. These papers include personal letters and various official documents related primarily to the Union Army surrender of the garrison and supply depot at Harper's Ferry. : 22nd REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. : THREE YEARS' SERVICE. : ONE MONTH'S SERVICE. Lo against stiffening enemy resistance. : THREE YEARS' SERVICE. 1st REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. 1st REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. : 4th REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. 3rd Battalion, 115th Infantry relieved 1830 hours, 9 June 1944 by Captain Grat B. Mankins, 0407499 who was relieved (upon his own request) at 0930 hours, 17 June 1944 by Major Charles A. Custer, 0277290 who was relieved at 1500 hours, 23 June 1944 by Lt. Col. Arthur T. Steppe, 0256110. TENTH OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. : THREE YEARS' SERVICE. The next time the division would be reformed was for the maneuvers in 1936. Major James S. Morris, 0309173 took over command until 0800 hours, 14 June 1944 at which time he was relieved and replaced by Major Glover S. Johns Jr., 0307139, as C.O. Colored Infantry Regiment (1865-1866); correspondence of Daniel Ammen, Commander U.S. Navy, U.S.S. : 10th REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. 55th REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. : THREE YEARS' SERVICE. : 12th REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. It was assigned to Barton's (2nd) brigade, Turner's (2nd) division, l0th corps. The main port the Allied forces hoped to seize and put into their service was Brest, in northwestern France. Originals located at the South Carolina Historical Society. 187th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. The 2nd Battalion was the only battalion that succeeded in moving forward. : COTTER'S INDEPENDENT BATTERY OHIO VOLUNTEER LIGHT ARTILLERY. They arrived in England on 11 October 1942, and then were attached to the 1st Infantry Division in preparation for the D-Day invasion. : FIELD AND STAFF. : THREE YEARS' SERVICE. Because of his coolness and dignity of bearing, the enemy withdrew and permitted him to complete his work and return to our lines. : THREE MONTHS' SERVICE. Regimental Headquarters landed with the leading battalions, and remained on the beach under artillery fire until 1600 hours. Collection Call Number: 18797. : THREE MONTHS' SERVICE. The collection also includes several letters written (1865-1866) from the oil fields of Titusville, Pa., where Vosburgh was a merchant. : FIELD AND STAFF. Orginal located at the Saratoga Springs Public Library. : FIELD AND STAFF. During this action, Second Lieutenant Chadwick was wounded, and refusing to be evacuated he participated in another attack on the same strongpoint. 115th New York Infantry, Company A. : THREE YEARS' SERVICE. The 116th infantry Regiment is an Infantry regiment in the Virginia Army National Guard. Madison, WI: Federal Pub. ALFRED V. EDNIE : 24th REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. 136th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. 29th Infantry Division World War II Roster of the Battle Dead . ROLL OF HONOR OF OHIO SOLDIERS. VOL. Their participation in the Normandy Campaign continued until it was over on 24 July 1944. : 185th-198th REGIMENTS INFANTRY. During the morning the CP moved into ST. LAURENT amidst severe sniper fire. : FIELD AND STAFF. "115th New York Infantry at the Battle of Olustee." : 21st-36th Regiments-Infantry. 58th REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. : THREE YEARS' SERVICE. 115th New York at Deep Bottom, VA, August 1864. 130th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. 56th REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. Bravo Company, 2115 Infantry, located in Queen Anne, Maryland, was an Infantry Rifle Company. On 12 June 1944, Second Lieutenant Chadwicks platoon was attacking a strongly fortified enemy position. During the Civil War, two First Maryland Infantry (USA) regimental infantry units were organized: The 1st Regiment Maryland Volunteer Infantry (USA), commanded by Colonel John R. Kenly, and the 1st Maryland Infantry (CSA), commanded by Colonel Bradley T. Johnson, constituted the major part of the forces engaged at the Battle of Front Royal on 23 May 1862. : THREE MONTHS' SERVICE. It was mustered out at Raleigh, N. C., under Col. Johnson, June 17, 1865. 140th REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. 115th Infantry Regiment. : 131st REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. Paulsen's Independent Battery Ohio Volunteer Light Artillery. Advance inland from Beach to Inundated Area. 2nd REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. Sixty-ninth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. : THREE YEARS' SERVICE. The 1st Battalion remained in a defensive position and the 2nd Battalion moved to the defensive line north of river previously held by 3rd Battalion. : THREE YEARS' SERVICE. : 11th REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. : THREE YEARS' SERVICE. Regts, 915 Gr. : 7th INDEPENDENT BATTERY OHIO VOLUNTEER LIGHT ARTILLERY. : THREE YEARS' SERVICE. : THREE YEARS' SERVICE. There was active night patrolling, and considerable information of value was obtained concerning strength and disposition of enemy forces north of ST. SEVENTEENTH OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. : FIELD AND STAFF. : ONE YEAR'S SERVICE. Articles originally appeared in a newspaper calledThe Journal. From beach defenses to the Inundated Area the enemy action consisted mainly of small delaying groups and snipers from the 1714th Artillery Battalion, #17 Pioneer Battalion, 12th Battery #IV Battalion, 352nd Infantry Division Artillery. They were assigned as part of the 48th Infantry Brigade (Mechanized), based in Georgia, for this operation. While the rifle companies made up the bulk of the personnel and combat power of the battalion, the headquarters company was made up of specialties that extend and expand the capabilities of the battalion. 110th infantry regiment rosterdiscovery special academy middlesbrough jobs. Muster Roll. On 6 January 2005, Company B, 1115th Infantry, mobilized again for active duty as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. 2. : THREE MONTHS' SERVICE. . 189th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Corps, from January 26, 1863; at Beaufort, S. C., in Saxton's Brigade, 10th Corps, from June, 1863; at Hilton Head, S. C., from December, 1863; in Barton's Brigade, Seymour's Division, 10th Corps, District of Florida, from January, 1864; in District of Florida, from February, 1864; in 2d Brigade, 2d Division, 10th Corps, Army of the James, from April, 1864; in 1st Brigade, 3d Division, 18th Corps, from May 30, 1864; in 2d Brigade, 2d Division, 10th Corps, from June 15, 1864; in 3d Brigade, same division and corps, from July 26, 1864; in same brigade and division, 24th Corps, from December, 1864; in Provisional Corps, from March, 1865; in 3d Brigade, 2d Division, 10th Corps, from April 2, 1865; and it was honorably discharged and mustered out, commanded by Col. Nathan J. Johnson, June 17, 1865, at Raleigh, N. C. 28th REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. : 140th REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. 12th REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. The 1st Battalion, 115th Infantry, is authorized two campaign streamers for its service in World War I: one for Alsace and one for Meuse-Argonne. : FIELD AND STAFF. The 115th Infantry landed at 1025 hours, with the 1st and 2nd Battalions abreast on Fox Green beach, about 1000 yards east of that part of the beach on which it was intended to land. : FIELD AND STAFF. [1], Learn how and when to remove this template message, 1st Maryland Infantry, Potomac Home Brigade, terrorist attacks on the continental United States, US Route 15 dedicated in honor of 115th Infantry, History of the 115th Infantry USA in the World War 1920, http://29infantrydivision.org/WWII-Documents/29th_Division-115th_Regiment-After_Action_report-44-June.html, http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/agency/army/1-115in.htm, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=115th_Infantry_Regiment_(United_States)&oldid=1152417715. Two weeks later it was surrendered with other troops at Harper's Ferry, and after being paroled proceeded to Chicago, 111., to await exchange. Eighth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. ; 24 cm. It participated in the capture of Fort Fisher, fighting with Bell's (3d) brigade, and sustaining a considerable part of its loss there by the explosion of the magazine the day after the fort was taken. Flint, Edward. The 115th Regiment, also known as the Iron Hearted Regiment, was organized at Fonda, Montgomery, New York and mustered in August 26, 1862. Private First Class Robert M. Moore, 20340558, Infantry, United States, for gallantry in action in Normandy, France. Also, members of the #7 Company 915th Infantry Regimen of the 352nd Infantry Division and the labor battalion (Russian and Italian) attached to the 352nd Infantry were indentified. The 1st Maryland Infantry, CSA had been composed primarily of soldiers the Baltimore-based Fifth Regiment. It was largely because of his excellent supervision and instructions to others in tactical situations while under enemy fire that he could leave our own forces three times to render medical aid to wounded French civilians. : 11th INDEPENDENT BATTERY OHIO VOLUNTEER LIGHT ARTILLERY. , 1864, and when General Sherman started on his Atlanta campaign, the One Hundred Fifteenth Regiment was in the advance and took a prominent part in the battle of Resaca, Ga., May 15 and 16, 1864. . : THREE YEARS' SERVICE. ", "Item, collection title and identifier, box # and folder # (if applicable), Edward H. Nabb Research Center for Delmarva History and Culture, Salisbury University, Salisbury, Maryland. In the afternoon it was moved further forward, to the rear of the 2nd Battalion. : THREE YEARS' SERVICE. Although his group was held up by machine gun fire. First Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Also a list of the dead and wounded, an account of hundreds of brave men shot on a score of hard fought fields of strife, a complete statement of Harper's Ferry surrender, sketches of the officers, a history of the flags and those who bore them, together with touching incidents, thrilling adventures, amusing scenes by James H. Clark, late First Lieutenant, Company H, 115th N.Y.V. 29th REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. This delayed the attack. Silo, Mark. : THREE YEARS' SERVICE. 115th Infantry Regiment, KIA list Cannon Company . 20th REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. The Regimental CP followed behind the 1st Battalion to a position 700 yards northeast of LES FOULONS where it closed in at 180400B. 54th REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. Mail a letter or Standard Form (SF) 180, Request Pertaining to Military Records to: National Personnel Records Center 1 Archives Drive St. Louis, MO 63138 Fax a letter or Standard Form 180 to: 314-801-9195 SEARCH FEES: The NPRC may assess a fee for non-archival records, depending on the number of searches required. SIXTEENTH OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. Thirty-first Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Field Artillery Battalion Morning Reports 114th Infantry Regiment Morning Reports 114th Medical Battalion Morning Reports 115th Infantry Regiment Morning Reports 116th Engineer Combat . The tank returned the fire, but was compelled to withdraw when friendly support arrived. FIFTH INDEPENDENT COMPANY OHIO COLUNTEER SHARPSHOOTERS. : FIRST, SECOND AND THIRD INDEPENDENT COMPANIES OHIO VOLUNTEER SHARPSHOOTERS. 3d INDEPENDENT BATTERY OHIO VOLUNTEER LIGHT ARTILLERY. : THREE YEARS' SERVICE. 140th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. : FIELD AND STAFF. : COMPANY A. SECOND OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. : FIELD AND STAFF. This battalion was subjected to heavy fire from snipers and mortar fire through- out the night. Bronze Star Medals 12 In 1968, due to changing requirements, the division's colors were retired and its elements broken up into separate brigades. jp enterprises 308 bolt carrier group, sea urchin spine metaphysical properties,

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