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The skull will have a very elongated shape, and the body will be much taller and bulkier. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); [] Sims 4 Elf CC- Ears, Clothes, and More [], Top 10 Best Sims 4 Fantasy CC in [Free Download], [] Well, that`s is indeed not right, so you should get this impressive set of the most fantastical ears for your sims. The skin tones in this set look enchanting with soft swatches in a wide variety of shades. And these teeth are just as intimidating. Of the new stuff, my favorites are the eyes and antennae. As the sun rises, its rays filter through the trees, shining on the delicate flowers that adorn the Cervidae Arm Cuff. The Elf Ears + Earrings give just that to your Sims, with golden jewelry as a finishing touch. (, FFX-2: The Best Creatures For Your Team (Our Top Picks), Top 10 Best Armor Sets in Monster Hunter: World, The 10 Best Ranged Weapons in Monster Hunter: World, Best Monster Rancher Games From The Entire Series (All Ranked), Top 20 Hunting Horns in Monster Hunter World, 15 Best Songs From Monster Hunter: Worlds OST, The 15 Best Gunlances in Monster Hunter: World. What you see is what you get, so its a good thing these are so awesome as they are. All other assets & trademarks are property of their original owners. The patterns are intricate and beautiful and really help your Sims display their true mystical nature. There are 3 colors of metal to choose from, gold, silver, and bronze, as well as 3 colors of jewels. This Gossamer-Fairy Stuff CC pack includes antennae and wings, insect-like eyes, glitter, and 17 new eye colors. I've had some ideas brewing for a while now, so I thought it was time to actually get off my behind and throw them out there. The separate bandage glove is available for both arms and can be equipped for both or either the left or right. 12/5/20 - Updated to fix blank text/strings. This CC piece is creative, genius, and definitely one-of-a-kind. But I cant help but love the tattoo design in this set because its like no other tattoo Ive ever seen! Sep 2, 2018 - Explore Justin Perrysmith's board "Mystical Sims 4 C.C" on Pinterest. Will putting these things on our Sims make them monsters, or are we the monsters for creating them? . If you want to really set your Sim apart from the rest, then skin is very important. Last autumn, we got a new addition to our Sims family the Realm of Magic game pack. But the spiky ends and chains give an uneasy feeling. Your Sims will look freaking majestic, I promise you. I tried the poses with my armored-up Sim and got more of a renowned warrior chilling on the way to their next quest sort of look. If youre looking to use these ears on a family of elves, though, keep in mind that theyre not made for the toddlers and kids in the household. But what if you dont want to make perfect human Sims? The ears are non-gender specific, so they can be worn by either male or female toddlers. FFXIV But if youre a WoW fan, or if you just want Elven ears that break the mold (this is the category I fall under), these custom Night Elf ears by Valhallan are fantastic! Your female Sims deserve to look expensive and refined. But after seeing what this set looks like in the game, I can firmly say the answer is yes. It definitely wouldntbe the wildest tattoo out there. In this pack, you will get an assortment of readable books, different decorations, and buyable objects for your Puffer-fan room. I like this one for two reasons, one obviously the ears are adorable. ), Night Owl, Pixie, Siren, Supernatural Fan, Werewolf, Zombie; - 3 new lot traits (Apocalyptic Ground, Fairies Magic, Graveyard); - 3 new aspirations (Bloodthirsty, Leader of the Pack, Mystic Healer); This is where the Black Magic Mod comes in. The Arcane Illusion Braid is available in all the standard hair colors, so you can find the perfect one to match your Sims personality. This is another simple way to alter your Sims face so they look less than fully human. Well, you have an opportunity to do that! If you want to add an elvish Sim to your household but you dont know where to start, or maybe youre just bad at designing Sims from scratch, then finding Sims like this one that others have already premade for you is a blessing. Magical quality items have blue names and one or two randomly selected . As someone who is woefully unaware of The Witcher franchise (never played the game, never watched the series), Im not 100% sure what the creator means by, Yes, that unicorn.. Its a long, braided style with intricate details that give it an ethereal quality. Sims from teens to the elder can use this CC pack, and these skins can tan or burn in-game. Ratboysims Star Skin Skintones + Facepaint set is the answer. Well, these Moon Eyes are one CC option for you, then! The high saturation had me worried that theyd look a little too psychedelic. The new and beautiful set of Portals to the Realm will take you to another world with style. The imagined world of elves is often associated with graceful, flowing garments that seem to flutter and shimmer as the delicate creatures move through the forest. We could easily imagine these tattoos on people in real life. Theres no set shape, they can come in a variety of styles! The fifth crystal, unfortunately, doesnt come in different colors, but its shaped like an egg in a brilliant otherworldly casing that illuminates blue-purplish light. YOURE hungry for mana!. Nothing is really typical. From the designs of the armbands to the massive epaulettes (which dont seem very practical, but were not awarding points for practicality here) to the fetching gold lines on the impressive chest piece its a lot. The beautiful portal in the new city of Glimmerbrook takes you to the mysterious world of Magic, where you can start your journey. This is a prime example of skin CC that is necessary if you want your fantasy Sim to look even more otherworldly. That looks legit both in photos and in-game. Enter these unexpectedly fetching Satyr Legs by Natalia-Auditore. to Custom Content only so you can find each piece. Shadowbat looks great with any hairstyle or skin tone. Some want to look like the sirens of lorethe kind that eat men for dinner). When I think of the perfect mermaid, I see hair like this with waves and braids. These are truly some of the coolest overlays Ive ever seen, but theyre quite creepy as well! From angel demons with white and black eyes or colorful self-inserts with neon irises, theres something incredibly interesting about two different eye colors in one person. Lovecraft came up with this guy, he never imagined it would be adapted for use in The Sims. Now, this is the set for you if you want Sims to look like fairies, unlike any others! If you like the style but dont think blonde hair is what youre going for, you can still customize the color to whatever you prefer. If youre looking to incorporate them into your game, then take a look at the top 21 best Sims 4 elf cc so you can give them everything to look and live like a true elf. Want to make your alien Sims look otherworldly? These eyes will give them the perfect start if you want to create an elven character. Theyre also very versatile, coming in a few shades, and can be used with any skin tone or hair color for beautiful results. One variation (my personal favorite) offers the cloak with the hood down for a more casual, approachable look. Its one of Alexstraszas (the Dragonqueen from World of Warcraft) many armors. Finally, for the males comes Triton Tail: a powerful, beguiling but masculine merman tail for The Sims 4. 33. This outfit has also been enabled for all kinds of sims, including ages from teens to elders and all genders. The thought that this is a functioning eye is so strange! The kind that can only thrive in the unexplored depths of the sea. With a special Dragons Package, turn your favorite doggies into fantastical beastly dragons! Reminiscent of The Sims 3 clothing from Supernatural, we have the Elf Costume. The Sims Medieval players should get ready for a burst of nostalgia. This CC set by tektri comes with two variations: Bare and Pierced. Heterochromatic eyes are an uber-common feature of fantasy media and fan-made original characters. Regardless, the stuffed unicorn is a great piece of Sims 4 taxidermy. But this time we're looking at all the cc I have for supernatural sims! The latter makes it seem like your Sim is housing thumb-sized faeries (rent-free!) This post may contain affiliate links. This Sims 4 elf CC adds the facial markings of the Night Elves from World of Warcraft, giving your Sims an otherworldly look. Another one from Natalia-Auditore here. This set of shimmering eyeshadows comes in more than ten colors, each with its own mystical powers of attraction. If this Elf costume cc pack by APATHIE doesn't scream Magical, Enchanted Forrest, we don't know what does! This blue-scaled tail has flashy details and colorful bits of flair that give it a complicated appearance. With the thin, black lining surrounding the white orbs, these eyes are also quite ethereal. You also have the choice of downloading two versions: one for all sims and the second for occult sims only. These gowns are immediately recognizable by any true fan of the fantasy genre, and they add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Theyre downright sinister, and definitely not the wings of a nice being! Full DMZ Missions List and Rewards For Season 3. Gorgeous Fantasy Forest set from Russian creator Severinka is like a present to all fantasy simmers. I dont recommend turning off the lights if you give your Sim these, ever. But what if you want to have 24-hour access to the magical world? These beautiful lingerie pieces are fit for a queen with their rich colors and luxurious details. Theres no hiding these no matter the position or clothing, theyll always be visible. This is your Sims life, and it will only be better with Natalia Auditore creations. It may be a one-way trip, but getting there is all you really need to do to jumpstart your Sims budding spellcaster career. Minecraft, 29. The metallic pigments shine in this ethereal eyeshadow, adding a touch of magic to your aesthetic. You want diverse aliens? I got used to the length after a while and thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with different hairstyles to match the look. Instead of having massive ears that point up towards the sun, why not try a set of ears that point downward instead? Youll have everything you need here to give your Sims body the details it needs to be a bonafide creature of the sea. One, its great if you want your Sim to travel to the Magic Realm using more natural-looking methods. Top 30 Best Divinity Original Sin 2 Mods [2023]. Teeth are a dead giveaway to somethings life state. Looks about as fire elemental as one would expect so, yes Im a fan. The Aya hairstyle goes perfectly with the fantasy dresses and accessories on this list; it will also suit your normal streetwear Sims styles and their modern formal looks, too. DMZ Calling Card Mission Guide Easy Method! With the right skintones, clothes, setting, build, and extra custom CAS items, the description of bug-like or insect-like fits to a T. Sure, the airy wings and fairy dust are pretty normal. This gorgeous Rhinestone Crystal Mask will have your Sims looking like ethereal butterflies! Her pointed ears give her a decidedly elfin look, and she also has bright green eyes that seem to glow with magic. Have you always wanted to. DMZ Calling Card Mission Guide Easy Method! The snow elf skin is perfect for creating icy winter scenes or for giving your Sims a mystical aura. This hairstyle is perfect for Sims who want to add a touch of fantasy to their look, and its great for parties, special occasions, or just everyday wear. Theyre really unique and look adorable in-game! They will have to go in levitation to unlock it. This creator also extracted the mesh for the Rogue outfit from The Sims Medieval spin-off game, just like they did the Champion. Do we see something too beautiful to be true? The ends poke out all majestic-like. This CC embraces a sense of adventure and magic, with hints of folklore and mythology sprinkled on top. This beautiful CAS set features 18 new skintones and 4 facepaint items that can let you create ethereal-looking Sims-from-the-stars. Dont even get me started on the cloak and horns. The hand bandage comes in a separate package file, by the way, so be sure to download both! The wings have a lot of recolors to choose from, and they definitely will fit the feel you are looking for. Ones a gorgeous ice throne with frozen tendrils branching out from the back (making it way more intimidating than it would be without). You never really know what goes on below the surface, and its a terrible thought. Just go full-on Creature of the Deep and let the public deal. Well, here it is: Pufferhead stuff pack is an incredible tribute to the Harry Potter franchise that was created around Henry Puffer, the most famous wizard in simlish literature. Aquatic monsters might be the most harrowing things out there. Beautiful grass and shrooms entice you to visit their home and get lost among them. Because holy heckerooni, they make your Sims look like actual centaurs. Click here to download your own copy of the Black Magic mod today. Aside from their immortality, power, and knowledge, elves set themselves apart with their fashions, too. They do (at some angles) make your Sim look more Druin than Elf but its still a very cool look. Speaking of accessories for elves, we have a piece of jewelry that may not be as practical as a belt, but it makes up for that with how beautiful it is. D&D 5e P.S. If theyre blunt and squared, youre probably okay. Fun content on everything pop culture. Do not hesitate: your baby dragon is waiting for you! I mean, a huge glowing door standing by a river isnt exactly subtle. They look damn pretty in-game. You can download fantasy skin tones for males and females separately. While its not an exact match for the hair shes seen having in the game, the curly bangs and long layered hair with flowers decorating the top is reminiscent on our favorite Hylian princess. The creator wanted them to look less like the Tinkerbell/Ferngully-type tiny people (that Disney has set as the standard) and more like magical, sparkly, otherworldly insects.. They look like theyre made of the finest metals and jewels, and theyre sure to make your Sim feel like a million bucks. Enter CAS and slip them on like your Sims new favorite pair of jeans. Maybe thats something that was born out of evolution, and black-eyed humanoids arent as fictional as we think. This eye CC comes in a beautiful silver-white, with flecks of blue and purple. With that being said, a Moon Mark on their forehead has the perfect vibe for all elves, and even for other beings that you might be making. Or you could pop multiples in different corners and just let its general mystic & mysterious vibe do the work. It also removes curses from self and . Then we have the tail, which is of course a must for any siren or merman. With the Malygos Crystal Set, you can arrange your Sims home to look like a supernatural abode that is infused with elemental magic. The Sims Medieval players should get ready for a burst of nostalgia. Not a chainmail kind of Sim? And the great part about this list is that most of the things on it can be used simultaneously, so just think of all the bizarre Sims youll be able to make even better just by changing their teeth! But dont be fooled by its good looks the Triton Tail is also packing some serious swimming power. Fantasy Retexture for Captivated Hair, 15. If the Satyr Legs werent enough to convince you, maybe these Centaur bottoms will. This Sims 4 elf CC adds the facial markings of the Night Elves from World of Warcraft, giving your Sims an otherworldly look. This mod is great for players who want to add a touch of magic to their game. These pointy ears are a classic feature of an elf that gives your Sims an elven appearance. The creator made it so that theyll match your Sims skin, too. Basically, if your Sim wants to become this magical creature, you must purchase a map portrait called Special Treasure Map. You can size them up to create a mystical forbidden forest (the kind where people get charmed into entering and disappear forever), or you can keep them at their default sizes for a more portable faerie forest. Doing so will grant the ability to click learn . You can dress your sim to be the mighty power of light or a scary tool of darkness with this mod. But throw Custom Content into the mix and you can get even crazier. CurseForge is the official mod hub for The Sims 4, so there's a massive amount of mods available here for you. The set comes with not just a crown that looks like beautiful golden leaves on the side of their head, but matching earrings, as well. If it seems like Im plugging a lot of this particular creators work. This mod allows your female sims to become a succubus and male sims to become an incubus. Choose your Harnocks house, grab a book, and be lost in Henry Puffers wonderful world! Because I enjoy fantasy like nobodys business and it was an absolute treat combining all this ideas into The Sims. Or if you just want to add a bit of fantasy flair to your game, these eyes are the perfect way to do it whether your Sims are actual elves or not! The pack has been converted to allow Sims of all ages to be able to be dressed up as fairies, ranging from toddlers up to elders. Theres no doubt that these will give your Sims an unsettling, monster-like appearance. Maybe not in-game, since the centaur legs are technically Bottoms (like the satyr legs) and therefore wont actually follow proper horse-walking physics. The elves built this magnificent palace many centuries ago, carefully crafting every detail with utmost care and attention. Those things are meant for tearing flesh, run! Mer-tails dont always look so intimidating. From Sims 4 mods that add various interaction options to . As such, Clara has some unique features that make her stand out from other Sims. Something like an ancient Grim Reaper, you know. It even includes webbed fingers. Even elves need to accessories their outfits! The full body-suit of Egypts ancient God, who was a master of the underground world, death, and mummification. Its made with dozens of sparkling stones arranged in a fantastical butterfly pattern. Meet Shadowbat, the perfect facial accessory for any witch, goth, or vamp Sim! Each tooth is clearly pointed, and the top ones especially are obvious. Our list of best fantasy CC content compiled the best creations for your occult sims to shake up your game a little bit. There are two versions here: one is larger and more rough around the edges, while the second is a more perfect and typical eye shape. If youre going to make your Maiden (Sim) of Ice a crystal abode from where they can carry out their frosty rule, might as well go all out. Itll bring out all of the deep wrinkles as well as add more shadowing and texture to the rest of your Sims face. Luckily, thanks to the awesome developers of The Sims 4, you can not only create a perfect simulation of your life but also build a world full of magical creatures. Create your own animal-like creatures that seem to have come out of a fairy tale or a horror story. They link it in their description of the hair, so feel free to check em out too! The face is one area youll want to put a lot of focus when creating a monster. Because thats what these scales are, CAS-wise. This belt comes in 7 colors, and the style isnt like your typical belt because it wraps around their body more than once. Sirens and mermaids actually go hand in hand more than people realize dont let those pretty tails and hair fool you, thats exactly what they want. It comes in several different shades, each one more magical than the last. Sims CC creator Valhallan went and extracted the mesh from the beloved 2011 Sims spin-off game to create this: a TS4-compatible outfit of The Champion. First, theres the top, which has some amazing accents for the skin and textures. Sims 4 cc special creatures Makeup Cc Sims 4 Cc Makeup Mermaid Skin Mermaid Makeup Sims Cc tatygagg's [Ts4]Taty_Eyeshadows_42 Sims 4 Wedding Dress Sims 4 House Design Long Bodycon Dress Sims 4 Cc Packs The Sims 4 Download Star Headband Fairy Clothes Craft Ideas [Suzue] Fairy Wings Los Sims 4 Mods Sims Packs Muebles Sims 4 Cc Sims 4 Dresses There are dozens of Sims 4 mods out there that aim to make your Sims look expensive; this is one of the best. DOWNLOAD. These nose presets provide a quick way to completely change up your Sims face without you having to do a ton of tweaking and sculpting yourself. What we have here is a recolored outfit for the male Elf Sims out there because theyre going to need a cool outfit as much as the female Sims do. The outfit has a lot of swatches so that you can adjust it according to your taste. This conversion honestly does the original so much justice. The creator did the awesome job of converting an armor mod for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion into a completely wearable one for The Sims 4! Shes also an aspiring botanist, so get ready to have a house full of plants and spend plenty of time in the sun. So far, weve talked a lot about ways to dress up your Sims so that they look like an elf. This CC pack is perfect for making elven Sims that stand out more and paired with the Moon Eyes, your elven Sim will be a stunning mystical creature. And its a pretty genius way to get unicorns into your game without having to download a bunch of mods and sliders for Pets (I always have trouble installing mods that can turn my Sims dog into a beautiful, thoroughbred beast. Instead of some of the other hairstyles weve seen so far, this one is shorter, so theres variety in styles to choose from. Not simply braiding hair into one or two braids keeps everything in one place, but only select pieces, which can also be said for Honey Bee Hair styles. I will say that the different textures and minor details of this outfit really shine in The Sims 4. Classic long hair with loose curls, topped off with a braided crown piece, makes for a staple look for everything and anything that took place in the olden days. While theyre never called it in the game, the characters in Zelda have been said to be based on, you guessed it, elves! Your Sim will look like theyre ready to take flight at any moment. Weve seen some subtle, small wings, and now weve got these which are the exact opposite. The markings are very detailed and accurate to the original game. For their nose, this bat preset will give a new look thats definitely well, abnormal. And this is a unique & creative concept that I honestly didnt realize could be done. So dont wait any longer; make your home a fairy tale today with Gert. This mod is perfect because it adds an entirely new and unique world to the game. Step into a fairytale with Gert, The Sims 4s latest house design. Whether youre a hardcore fan of fantasy or just someone who enjoys taking in fantastical scenery every now and then, this mod is right for you. So, if your base reference is Lord of the Rings, then youre in luck because theres hair that copies Thranduil that would work great on the males youre working on. With the included meat makeup, itll overall look like your Sims fangs have torn up their face. Well, that`s is indeed not right, so you should get this impressive set of the most fantastical ears for your sims. Its great if youre looking for it, but it makes no sense in a this is a secret realm sense. Arcane Illusion Braid (Long Elf Hairstyle), recolored outfit for the male Elf Sims out there, A spin on a classic high low dress with long sleeves, Sims 4 Formal Dresses and Prom Dresses CC, DMZ Friendly Fire Mission Guide Find the Pyro Commander. And these teeth are just as intimidating. I think theyre kind of like bat wings, thin and flesh-like. A dress thats definitely more modest than the one before looks like it came straight out of the Dark Ages. Channel your Sims inner goddess or seek a touch of glamour in her every day; these shadows are sure to enchant. Or body paint? So these legit make your Sim part spider. And if the ice throne and shard mirror (from the previous item) arent enough to decorate your Winter Witchs frozen fortress, heres a fresh dcor set from lunanelfeah that might interest you. And even 1% non-human can be quite disturbing. So if you want to make your half-fish-half-Sim a little fishier, these custom ears will make an awesome addition to your mods folder. Theyre chillingly detailed and realistic. This Aya Hairstyle CC for The Sims 4 is a next-level look. The collection is now being expanded to include feet of other Mythical Beings. Elf ears are like human ears. The Elven Palace is a magnificent structure fit for any elvish queen or queen. Those ears work like accessories, so if your ward decides to quit his fantasy life, you can easily remove them. They have a dramatically different appearance than normal noses, with heavily tweaked nostrils and a very flat bridge. With the CC pack, gamers can create green-colored Martians for a Mars Attacks! This mod introduces new portals to the Magic Realm, and they come in two forms: A stone circle perpetually shrouded in mysterious mist, and an old twisted tree trunk that glitters. And who doesnt want that? Even your non-elf Sims will feel like royalty in these dresses; theyre really for everyone! If youve ever wanted to give your Sims a little bit of extra personality, then the Heterochromia mod is perfect for you! And unless youve used some other mod before, your new Bigfoot Sim will be noticeably larger than any other Sims youve ever seen. Anime To be succinct, its very gnarly. Thanks to all of the sliders and presets out there, youll have the most freedom to change your Sims appearance here. Sure, the flying owl might be a little strange while playing (since its in perpetual suspended flight). This spell contrast the corruption, it will remove the corruption but also the magic, without the side effect of losing the Old Gods though. With this wonderfully supernatural preset pack, youll have some great new ways to set your Sims face apart from the rest. Full DMZ Missions List and Rewards For Season 3. But then you get to the custom compound, multi-faceted eyes and the antennae and you realize; Damn. And no matter when or why theyre brought up, its never a good thing. This CC is pretty simple: its an eye color swath that will turn your Sims eyes entirely black. No one said you couldnt get some fashion tips while playing the Sims 4. If you buy something we may get a small commission at no extra cost to you. So this way, they get to do it via some innocent looking stones or a casually glittering tree. We have an answer! You can be searching for a wild look for your Sim or a moody blend of dark tones; either way, the Fantasy Retexture of Captivated Hair has got you covered. But theyd also do fine decorating just about any other fantastical setting that calls for it (caves, alien worlds, crystal lands, etc.). This makes switching from satyr to non-satyr form as easy as hitting that Change Outfit option. Without beautiful fairytale ears, your fantasy sim can look very boring. With coal-black with cracks of fiery magma peeking through. We cannot tell you more about how high-quality and detailed this Anubis outfit looks. The look of the eyes themselves is rather intense. Have a deep wish to create the perfect Night Elves? This incredible tattoo design gives your Sim a powerful and mystical look, with a dragon wrapped around a sword. Your Sims 4 makeup kit is not complete without the Battle Mage Fantasy Eyeshadow set for The Sims 4. Who wants just a dog if you can get an awesome dragon! Just copy. With this mod, you can give your Sims mismatched eye colors. These costumes let you turn your sim into the real centaur (only nominally, but still counts!) The spellcasting system is fairly extensive, with . PURIFY SPELL (Spa Day) This is actually a Level 5 Practical Spell witches can unlock by Meditating on Magic on a stool. All black eyes just trigger a feeling of uneasiness, almost in a primal way. Created by DanSimsFantasy, this suit comes in five colorways: black, red, green, brown, and silver. The buildings in this city are all made from sparkling white marble that gleams in the light of the setting sun. Theyre jagged, overlapping, and will protrude out of your Sims mouth. If your strong warrior female wants to have her own jokes on you; I am no man! moment, then might I recommend this little diamond in the rough? The portal is available in two forms: a magical tree or a stone circle (Outlander vibes for sure). Im sure when H.P. The Elf Ears CC pack adds a set of elf ears to your toddler-aged Sims. Look at my furious Fire Genasi in all her fiery glory. All other assets & trademarks are property of their original owners. Have a forbidden romance story between a vampire and a female centaur, or an extraordinary tale about living in the woods. The Arcane Illusion Braid is a custom elf hairstyle for female Sims. The mesh for this TS4-compatible version of The Champion's costume was taken by Sims CC author Valhallan from the acclaimed 2011 Sims spin-off game. Cause Ive got the mother-of-all fantasy-themed CC right here. Wed better hope not, at least. Thats kinda different.. Paired with tattoos or other skin markings, these eyes are perfect for any type of elf Sim you are looking to create. P.S. Then, you can find all five under the Rocks and Statues section in Building Mode. His creation, I mean its not like hes real and has a birthday. The creator included different .package files for download, as the scales can be applied as eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, or facepaint. This CC is available in three colors and can make your Sim look as if the trees kissed them. Heres something that will give your Sim a downright vicious look. I mean, come on: its got chainmail underneath, finger-jointed gloves, and a shield.

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